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Pulse Data Collection Solution


A7810 AcquiSuite EMB • Wide Range Power Supply • NEMA 4X Enclosure

Additional Information

Obvius Integrated Data Acquisition Solutions (IDAS) are designed to simplify the installation process and reduce logistical headaches. The IDAS- A7810 Panel features our intelligent A7810 AcquiLite Data Acquisition Server, and wide range power supply. Easy to use and drop-in ready, the IDAS-A7810 AcquiLite Panel provides a powerful and flexible data acquisition solution for indoor or outdoor pulse data collection applications. Great for utility water, gas and power meters.

Hardware Features

  • 4 pulse inputs
  • NEMA 4X Weather Proof Enclosure
  • Wide-range 100-277VDC power supply
  • 4 independent data upload channels