BACnet IP Discovery and Logging

Obvius’ NEW BACnet IP Logging feature perfectly complements the AcquiSuite, creating a cost effective solution ideal for leveraging a building’s current metrology. This hybrid of BACnet IP Discovery and the AcquiSuite’s industry leading data acquisition technology empowers energy management professionals to maximize efficiency and reduce both redundant hardware and lengthy integration projects.

Acquiring data from a BACnet driven building leaves most people stuck between a rock and hard place. The data is there, just inaccessible. Option A involves complex programming work within a Building Automation System—this is generally expensive, complicated, and exposes the system to unwanted changes. Option B requires the use of an additional hardware platform that is also expensive, complicated, and requires a certified programmer to properly implement and handle any future updates as well as O&M.

Obvius believes there’s a better solution. The AcquiSuite currently leads the industry as an open platform designed for ease of use. By expanding our protocol library to include BACnet IP, users can now easily search for BACnet devices, log those data points, and then redirect those files to their desired locations—software platforms, analytic tools, data collection, redundancy servers, etc. The browser based interface simplifies each step in identification, collection, and making use of the desired data.

In addition, Obvius is excited to offer this as a FREE feature included in each AcquiSuite.

V02-18-1117 replaces the previous release, v02.17.1003, and will be provided on newly purchased hardware and is available as an optional update on all AcquiSuites currently deployed. A pushed update is scheduled for Q1 of 2019.

• Reduce redundant hardware
• Reduce the cost of integration/ collection
• Reduce the cost of additional license fees
• Reduce the liability of changing setting on established BAS systems.
• Reduce hardware ordering complexity by standardizing on the AcquiSuite
• Reduce days on site
• Reduce project cost and increase profitability

Obvius—Building Simplicity.

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