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DISCONTINUED. The A8923-4 I/O Module provides a convenient way to add standard pulse and analog sensors to the AcquiSuite acquisition system network.

Additional Information

This item has been discontinued and replaced by the A8332-8F2D Flex IO Module

The A8923-4 IO Module is designed to allow the AcquiSuite to read data from any 4-20ma or 0-10v sensor, as well as count pulses from utility power meters and flow meters. A total of 4 analog and 4 pulse inputs are available on the IO Module. The IO Module can be used with Temperature and Humidity sensors, such as the Veris Alta product line, as well as with analog output CTs to monitor current and KW.

Utility meters with kyz pulse outputs can be attached easily to the IO module. The AcquiSuite setup allows configurations to specify a pulse multiplier, and engineering unit selection. A pulse meter that reports 8 Watt Hours per pulse can be scaled (x .008) to report KWh in the AcquiSuite log file.

I/O Module Provides:

  • Quick and easy installation lowers cost.
  • Generic analog device inputs. Supports 0-10v or 4-20ma sensors.
  • Analog inputs provide instantaneous, min, average, and max readings.
  • All pulse output meters are supported including power, water, gas, etc.
  • Pulse inputs have contact closure time (runtime) and state (on/off) for monitoring motor duty cycle with a current switch.
  • Accumulated pulse count stored in non volatile memory.

Allows any sensor type to be attached to the AcquiSuite Data Acquisition System.