Solar PV Monitoring

Maximize the returns on your renewable investments. Obvius provides monitoring solutions that are used to meet third party monitoring and reporting requirements when applying for monthly paid, performance-based incentives. Obvius’ monitoring systems provide access via the Internet to your Solar PV system’s energy generation and performance down to the string level – with up-to-date and historical reporting capabilities.

Inverter Direct Monitoring

Obvius makes inverter direct monitoring easy with plug-and-play support for industry leading inverters. Users can collect, access and share key inverter performance data as well as total site performance. A single AcquiSuite can collect information from multiple inverters, revenue meters, string monitors and weather stations eliminating the need for additional hardware. Obvius’ instant integration with industry leading software monitoring providers makes the AcquiSuite the most cost-effective, scalable and easy-to-use data acquisition solution available to the Solar PV market.


  • Plug-and-play support for industry leading inverters
  • Interactive user interface for simple setup and configuration
  • Advanced diagnostic tools to monitor inverter performance
  • Monitor key performance parameters and set alarms
  • Industrial temperature range (-30 to 70C)
  • Compact Footprint 4” x 4.25” x 2”, ideal for embedding in a panel
  • Web browser interface
  • Remote access and options for cellular communications
  • Scalable - connect multiple inverters and up to 32 peripheral Modbus devices, such as:
    • Revenue / Net Meters
    • String Monitoring
    • Environmental sensors / weather stations

AcquiSuite SunSpec Certification Solution Sheet

Monitoring Performance of PV Strings

Application Note

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System Architecture

Data Sheet

Inverter Direct Monitoring Data Sheet

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