Solar PV Advance

If you wanted to try a new monitoring solution, could you?

If your current service was lacking, could you make a change?

If you built your own software, would your hardware support it?

Obvius recognizes that the market is changing and so are the needs of solar asset owners. The PV Advance was designed to facilitate those needs. With 20 years of data acquisition experience, over 100 years of manufacturing experience, market leading SunSpec integration and more monitoring software partners than any other, Obvius is a partner you can build your portfolio around.

Designed for independence. Built for you.

PV Advance

The Obvius PV Advance is a complete UL hardware solution that provides solar portfolio owners the freedom and flexibility to evaluate monitoring solutions as they see fit. Its open platform easily collects complex site data and uploads it to multiple locations simultaneously. This feature empowers site owners to maintain control over their investment and react to the constantly changing market.

Hardware Features

Obvius Benefits

  • Market leading SunSpec integration
  • Same SKU for any size project
  • No license fees
  • No device limitations
  • Remote fleet management tools
  • Open platform
  • 5-year warranty
  • Live technical support

PV Advance Brochure

Data Sheet

AcquiSuite SunSpec Certification Solution Sheet

California Rule 21