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Building Manager Online


Building Manager Online is a hosted data collection, warehousing and Internet reporting service provided for users of the OBVIUS AcquiSuite and AcquiLite hardware. $195 Per Year

Additional Information

Building Manager Online provides users quick and easy access to energy information. With BMO, you can plot charts and view your data quickly without any custom software installed on your PC. Simply logon to the BMO website, investigate any alarms, select the data period from a drop-down calendar, and view information in intervals from one year to as little as an hour with the click of a mouse.

Report presentation is easy:

  • Quickly view any building or end-use for a summary of operating parameters with a mouse click.
  • Plot charts to show trends.
  • Select date ranges to display information.
  • Copy and paste graphs into your own reports with BMO's convenient legends.
  • Investigate potential building problems easily with BMO's "Click to Zoom" feature.

BMO gives you the ability to remotely configure AcquiSuite devices deployed in the field. Configuring the AcquiSuite remotely over the BMO website, minimizes communications costs and your reliance on end-user dedicated phone lines. Data uploads and firmware updates are timely, cost free beyond the initial ISP charges, and most importantly, invisible to the user.

  • Configure all your AcquiSuite devices from one location.
  • Add or change configuration of attached sensors.
  • Add or change the data recording interval, the alarm thresholds, even the device name.