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Commercial Energy Monitoring Kit


DISCONTINUED. Obvius' Commercial Energy Monitoring kit is a web based energy monitoring package designed to provide energy intelligence.

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Energy Monitoring Kit A8810-0-M-PULSE

Obvius has partnered with Pulse Energy, a leader in Energy Management Software, to deliver the Commercial Energy Monitoring Kit: a web-based energy monitoring and analysis package integrated with Obvius hardware. This ensures plug and play functionality, with cloud-based software delivering energy insights anywhere, anytime. Energy managers, executives and other key stakeholders benefit from energy insights and tools for their building or portfolio, to manage costs and increase energy productivity. The Commercial Energy Monitoring Kit features:

Portfolio Views

Organizations with multiple buildings can pinpoint star performers and efficiency opportunities with the performance ranking view.

  • View the energy productivity of buildings, with the corresponding financial impact.
  • Compare usage to national averages and similar companies for instant reference points.
  • Quickly identify costly anomalies and periods of peak demand across a diverse portfolio.

Detailed Analysis

PulseTM software provides advanced users with powerful views to gauge their energy performance.

  • Isolate specific loads and zones with sub-metering to understand disaggregated load and measure savings from specific conservation measures.
  • Gain insight into future costs based on how well a portfolio responds to temperature, schedule and occupancy changes.
  • Make sure power demand remains in the most cost effective tariff zone.

Flexible Reporting

Users can be confident that they have the energy information required when they need it by receiving customized reports.

  • Showcase energy savings from a retrofit by finding the difference between actual consumption and a historical baseline.
  • Display the energy intensity of multiple buildings to visualize trends throughout a portfolio.

Automated Measurement & Verification

The Pulse™ Adaptive Model was developed in partnership with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and is equipped with reliable measurement and verification functionality.

  • Automate the creation of baselines before an upgrade takes place.
  • Predict future impacts with energy consumption forecasts.
  • Ensure the persistence of savings with automatic alerts when performance drops.

Engaging Dashboards

The Pulse Engagement™ Dashboard features performance views to highlight, contrast and compare energy data.

  • Easily configurable to represent a company’s brand and sustainability goals
  • Spread industry-specific tips and suggestions throughout the whole company
  • Educate building occupants with straightforward energy comparisons and equivalencies

To learn how the Commercial Energy Monitoring Kit can provide insight into your firm’s energy use, contact Obvius today.