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Industrial Energy Monitoring Kit


DISCONTINUED. Obvius’ Industrial Energy Monitoring kit offers the easiest and most cost-effective way to start working toward ISO 50001.

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Energy Monitoring Kit A8810-0-M-DECK

Energy monitoring technology can help to proactively assess, measure, and manage energy usage in manufacturing. It’s time to start looking at energy as a controllable input cost. It is estimated that manufacturing uses 33% of all global energy. The Industrial Energy Monitoring Kit from Obvius is the first step to create effective energy management policy and process in your organization. This is an easy and cost-effective way to start working toward ISO 50001.

The Energy Monitoring Kit gives you customizable web-based tools to visualize and analyze your energy data, along with alarm notifications and other useful features. These tools are easy and intuitive... you don’t have to be an engineer to see and understand energy trends such as peak hour usage or production performance. This technology helps you take meaningful steps towards your energy policy goals, including setting baselines and performance alarms.

The Obvius Industrial Energy Monitoring Kit also includes a customizable Dashboard display. The interactive features are a great way to communicate your basic energy data to a broad audience, helping every member of the team work together to achieve your energy policy targets. This public-facing web page can also be useful for green PR campaigns, and it is ideal as a kiosk display in your facility.