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AcquiSuite EMB


The Industry Standard for Modbus and BACnet Device Integration

Additional Information

AcquiSuite – EMB A8810

The compact AcquiSuite – EMB footprint and industrial temperature range (-30 to 70C) makes this a perfect solution for embedded applications. Reduce development time and speed up integration by collecting and distributing energy information directly from your equipment.

Data Collection

The AcquiSuite – EMB collects and logs data from connected (wired or wireless) devices based on user selected intervals. Data from downstream devices is time stamped and stored locally in non-volatile memory until the next scheduled upload or manual download. Using an Ethernet (LAN) connection you can push or pull data via HTTP, XML, FTP or any custom protocol utilizing our AcquiSuite Module to build your own application.

Installation & Features

No software is required – easily access information through ANY web browser. There are several additional features including alarming, SNMP Traps, network configuration, wireless diagnostics, USB, security provisions and backlit LCD. Our integrated meter driver library is designed to speed up installation and lower integration costs through “plug-and-play” connectivity.


The AcquiSuite is compatible with nearly any front-end software platform allowing customers to use a variety of reporting tools; whether it’s a local server or an enterprise wide reporting suite. Obvius offers a free utility for automated .CSV file downloads or an affordable hosted solution for $195.00 annually (unlimited data storage).


  • Push or pull meter data to energy dashboards, kiosks and software applications
  • Meet performance-based incentives
  • Measurement and verification (M&V)
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Access energy information from local or remote sites
  • Benchmark building energy usage
  • View “real time” performance data
  • Track energy use and peak demand for Demand Response programs
  • Monitor performance of critical systems (lighting, HVAC, PDUs, inverters, etc.)
  • Alarm notification for data points above or below target levels (including SNMP Traps)
  • Monitor renewable energy performance and production
  • LEED / Energy Star certification

Connecting to an Obvius Data Acquisition Server using UPnP and AutoIP

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