Software Partners

Obvius partners with industry leading energy monitoring and energy management software providers to make energy information actionable. Contact us today if you are interested in becoming a partner. Obvius provides the tools and support to ensure successful integration.


Energy Management Software
Vitality is the premier building intelligence platform for building owners, managers, and developers. With Vitality, you can easily import data from any IoT enabled device and visualize data in a way you never thought possible. With dozens of internal and 3rd party applications, Vitality's open cloud-based platform allows you to get data from virtually any source in a matter of clicks. Never hassle with import codes or confusing data mapping again. Vitality gives you the tools you need to reduce operating expenses and increase net operating profit.


AlsoEnergy provides the most comprehensive energy monitoring and financial management software solutions for renewable energy developers, manufacturers and investors who are establishing today’s clean-tech industry standards and best practices. From residential and government to commercial and utility grade applications, AlsoEnergy’s technology platform increases business results with online access to critical cost and production data. With the industry’s only complete client-customized web application combined with Obvius' AcquiSuite, AlsoEnergy’s unique architecture and price point reduce risk, improve energy supply chain transparency and bring strategic vision to energy portfolio administration and the global clean-tech marketplace.

Automated Energy

When you have the data, it’s easy to make smart decisions. Automated Energy’s Internet-ready energy management information service provides an efficient, inexpensive way of gathering energy consumption data and controlling costs. AEI provides comprehensive energy data gathering and load profiling to help your company manage energy usage.

Using an Obvius' AcquiSuite recorder, energy information as well as other time-tagged-interval factors is downloaded to AEI’s Load Profiler over the Internet or using a telephone line.

Energy information reports, energy cost and comparison reports and load profiles are easily accessed using a WEB browser. In addition, you can aggregate facilities or individual meters for analysis and quickly download data sets of data formatted in time frames ranging from 15 minutes to years for any date range you choose with a few easy clicks of your mouse. Gaining access to important information is easy with Automated Energy. You don’t need an in-house host system, because your information is available from anywhere in the world – provided you have Internet access. In fact, we make it so simple that your entire enterprise can be evaluated across utility boundaries – without the need for additional IT or EE staff.

Cascade Energy

Cascade Energy offers proven one-stop, turnkey energy information systems and comprehensive energy management programs.

For 20 years we’ve been an industrial strength provider of energy efficiency services. Whether you’re looking for a simple energy information system (EIS), a larger multi-site software and hardware implementation, or a turn-key energy efficiency program—Cascade has the tools and expertise you need. We design and install energy information systems, including hardware specification, electrical engineering, data integration, project management, and onsite system commissioning. Our unique facility baselining service accounts for key energy drivers such as weather, production and schedule, allowing you to track the true savings of your energy initiatives. We have partnered with Obvius on energy monitoring projects at hundreds of locations throughout North America, actively revealing true energy performance at each site and—more importantly—driving savings from improved efficiency.

Cascade offers SENSEI™—our next generation energy information system. SENSEI is an energy efficiency platform designed to help businesses achieve energy savings. With SENSEI, companies can do more than simply monitor energy consumption and watch as costs rise. SENSEI connects people to relevant energy information, actions to results, and projects to measurable returns.


Eneractive, headquartered in Pottstown, PA provides customers the tools to meter, manage, and analyze electrical/utility usage with innovative software and expertise services. Since the early 2000’s we have installed systems worldwide with projects ranging from condos, retail spaces, large office buildings, airports, manufacturing plants, to high security government buildings. As experts in Energy Management Systems we tailor software and services to each customer’s needs with SCADA solutions that offer customers an insight into their facility distribution by visualizing power quality, alarms, events, trends, and usage reports. As leaders in energy cost recovery, our systems and services allow landlords to allocate a buildings electrical costs and bill out tenants for their usage. With the submetering software’s auto data collection and storage, property owners to engineers can utilize the ‘easy to use’ reports to analyze data and recover utility costs. We can connect devices from various vendors into a user friendly Power Management or Submetering System using the Obvius product line. Check out our website for more information:


EnterScape™ is a single point source for industrial utility (energy) and enterprise (process) monitoring services, utilizing Obvius data acquisition equipment and EnterScape’s™ proprietary data management software, UtilityRecon®. EnterScape™ can assist your enterprise with all aspects of monitoring, including: system design, equipment sales, installation, data hosting/reporting, and ongoing support services. Our advanced internet-based software solution, UtilityRecon®, is both intuitive and versatile, providing you with the maximum value from your utility and enterprise data.

When developing UtilityRecon®, EnterScape™ made the decision to provide the client with the ability to analyze and monitor utility and process data across channels, facilities, and time using a simple intuitive interface. UtilityRecon® offers solutions for evaluating peak demand charges, sub-metering facilities, normalizing HVAC energy consumption, monitoring industrial equipment and processes, monitoring environmental conditions, and generating user-defined alerts. Management of large enterprises is further enhanced by storing schematics, plant layouts, and photographs, while associating these images with actual data.

Whether you manage one industrial facility or hundreds of remote locations, UtilityRecon® will consolidate and maximize the value of your utility data. What does your Enterprise Landscape look like?

eSight Energy

Developed by eSight Energy, Inc., eSight is the most sophisticated energy management suite available worldwide. Providing an extensive range of powerful techniques to manage energy and significantly reduce costs, eSight is easily able to import data from the Obvius AcquiSuite product line, as well as other sources including NOAA degree day information, spreadsheets, and utility provider consumption information. This ensures a holistic view of all energy-related data run from a single, central database.

eSight is an extremely intuitive, web-based energy analysis suite which may be hosted by eSight Energy or installed to any site. The combined solution of Obvius AcquiSuite plus site-installed eSight is a cost-effective way to benchmark energy usage and decrease energy spend. Functionality is provided via eSight's different modules which may be individually selected according to your organization's custom requirements. The suite also includes user-configurable dashboards, multiple rebranding options, and robust analysis techniques in a multilingual product. Suitable for use across organizations of virtually any size or industry sector, eSight is tremendously scalable in both technical functionality and size of system. No other solution offers this level of flexibility along with the wide array of targeted analyses through such a user-friendly interface.


Created by the company Lucid Design Group in 2004, BuildingOS addresses the needs of energy, facility, and sustainability professionals to easily access critical data that was previously locked behind complicated systems. We help some of the world’s leading organizations reduce costs and improve building performance by centralizing data, automating processes, and identifying savings opportunities through powerful data analytics.

MACH Energy

The MACH Asset•Manager™ software service has been designed in collaboration with industry-leading commercial office customers to drive significant electric expense reductions by optimizing operations. Multiple tools in the MACH Asset•Manager enable building operations, building management and portfolio or asset management to drive and monitor utility expense reduction efforts, providing the adjusted reporting tools needed to communicate the economic results to stakeholders. Utilizing Obvius’ AcquiSuites and implementing the MACH Asset•Manager doesn't require expensive equipment or invasive changes to the existing structure and equipment, preserving cash and reducing payback times.

MACH customers are achieving greater than 5% reductions in electric expenses through continuous commissioning and a regular process of monitoring, optimizing and benchmarking the building against itself. The continuous approach to benchmarking and improving operations is generating savings of $0.10 -$0.20 per square foot per year while also increasing Energy Star scores and reducing carbon footprints. Greater operating efficiency lowers costs and can improve both tenant retention and faster re-tenanting, adding another 5% in value creation.

Mana Monitoring

Mana Monitoring is a provider of advanced, flexible solutions for real-time energy monitoring and asset management. The Mana Software suite enables advanced solar analytics coupled with pv operations management. Seamless integration with Obvius equipment allows for rapid filed configuration and unlimited opportunities for portfolio management.