Demand Response

Demand Response service providers have relied on Obvius for over a decade to provide the most reliable solutions in the industry. The AcquiSuite’s low cost of ownership is immediately realized by reducing commissioning expenses thanks to its ease of use. This simplicity supports efficient scaling by reducing field issues, but also enabling the NOC to handle them remotely. With the flexibility to collect data from virtually any meter, and to send those logs to multiple locations simultaneously, Obvius’ hardware has become the cornerstone of many Demand Response solutions.

Utility Pulse Meter Data Collection

Many owners of commercial and industrial (C&I) buildings start their energy management process by collecting energy use data right from their utility meter. Obvius provides solutions with and without cellular options to help collect Electricity, Water or Gas data from a building.

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This highly flexible solution allows for easily collection of Modbus metering points, BACnet IP points, Pulse Utility data, Environmental sensor data,but also provides two relay outputs for remote curtailment controls. The A8810-FLEX-4G is a demand response workhorse and great solution to build your services around.

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Custom Fleet Solutions

Our Demand Response partners collaborate with our applications engineering team to design readily available solutions. Our design and industry expertise, combined with our ability to carry stock allows us to be dependable resource.

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