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AcquiSuite Ally 12 Multi-Circuit Meter

AcquiSuite Ally 12 Multi-Circuit Meter

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The AcquiSuite Ally 12 is the perfect companion to the Obvius data acquisition product line. The Ally 48’s versatile power metering functionality continues the Obvius mission of lowering the total cost of collecting data by reducing install complexity, and increasing flexibility. The plug-and-play integration ensures the hundreds of data points are immediately captured and made available for countless applications. The AcquiSuite Ally supports all industry standard communications protocols including RS-485, BACnet MS/TP, BACnet IP, ModBus TCP and Ethernet for maximum flexibility. The integrated USB port may be used for local configuration. The AcquiSuite Ally monitors current, voltage, instantaneous power, demand and energy consumption of each circuit in a panelboard, including the main feed. As a circuit approaches the user-configured threshold, alarm indicators are triggered preventing costly downtime from overloaded circuits or failed loads.

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  • 12 independent, user-defined inputs
  • Line powered from 90-600V, phase-to-phase
  • ANSI and IEC metering system accuracy including branch CTs
  • Supports solid core, split core and Ally Rogowski Coil CTs
  • Meter board features easy access terminals for CT wiring and removable connectors; can easily route cable and view LEDs from any angle
  • Reports volts, amps, power, demand and energy for each circuit
  • Provides multi-phase totals for loads with any combination of 1-, 2-, and 3-pole breaker positions
  • User-configurable alarm thresholds register for improved load management
  • Selectable phase orientation and number of circuits
  • Limited 5-year warranty


  • Hardware and software agnostic system allows flexibility working with virtually any inverter and monitoring platform
  • Ease of use for cost-effective and scalable commissioning in half the time—intuitive interface means no expertise needed to make configuration changes
  • Multiple upload channels allow for data redundancy and software platform flexibility
  • Diverse utility profile for a future-proof system, globally built to evolve with expanding industry and customer needs
  • The SunSpec certified AcquiSuite leads the industry with more integrated SunSpec inverter models than any other data logger
  • Live technical support—accessible expertise is a phone call away
  • Remote assistance—our support team can quickly and easily access yoru AcquiSuite for troubleshooting and configuration errors
  • Data backup—BMO 3.0 offers basic data monitoring and historical record-keeping to pair with our industry-leading software partners
  • Leading reliability—Obvius is a trusted name for industry leaders


  • Complete UL hardware solutions for metering and data acquisition
  • Competitive pricing
  • Reduced lead times
  • Simplified procurement
  • Single point of contact for technical support
  • Designed by field engineers to address installation pain points
  • Proven reliability
  • 5-year warranty