Supported Devices

AcquiSuite Supported Device List

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The AcquiSuite firmware automatically detects Modbus devices attached to the Modbus loop. The following is a list of specific Modbus devices the current firmware version supports. When configuring the AcquiSuite, click the Modbus/DeviceList menu, and select the link "Show Supported Devices" in the lower right corner for a list of supported hardware devices in your version of the firmware.

This document covers AcquiSuite firmware versions:

  • A8811: Firmware v01.09.0617

  • A8810, A8812: Firmware v02.11.0814
Modbus device support list for the AcquiSuite using the current firmware:

Manufacturer A8812 A8810 A8811
Acromagx x x
Accuenergyx x
Advantech x x x
Badger Meterx x x
Continental Control Systemsx x
Coyote DataComx x x
Dent Instrumentsx x
E-Mon ProMonx x x
Eatonx x
Electro Industriesx x x
Elkor Technologiesx x
Fronius IG-Plus Inverters (Requires Module & USB adapter) x x
GEx x x
Leviton / IMSx x
Measurlogicx x x
Obviusx x x
Oniconx x
PDIx x x
Power Logicx x x
Advanced Energy/PV Poweredx x
Refusol (Requires Module & USB adapter) x x
Sage Metering x x
Siemensx x x
SMA US (Requires Module & USB adapter) x x
Square-Dx x
Schneider Electricx x
Sustainable Energy Technologiesx x
Tyco/Crompton Integrax x
Veris Industriesx x