Oregon Company Collects Energy Data to Ensure Vancouver Olympic Winter Games are Green

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — For the more than 2,500 athletes representing 82 countries at the XXI Olympic Winter Games – gold, silver and bronze (medals) are their most sought after colors. But for the host organizing committee, it’s “green” that matters most.

Among the many green and sustainable initiatives at these Olympics is BC Hydro’s Venue Energy Tracker project, which is measuring energy consumption at venues and facilities in real-time for the first time in Olympic history.

The environment is one of the three Olympic pillars and reducing energy use at Olympic venues and buildings is a key to making the games more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Tracking the consumption and reduction of energy use is critical to understanding the energy reductions achieved. BC Hydro and the Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee (VANOC) want to measure and verify the energy savings of the Olympic venues in order to validate the effectiveness of their energy efficient technologies and designs.

Obvius of Portland, Ore. (USA) and Pulse Energy of Vancouver are helping in making the data available. Obvius’ hardware is being deployed in the Richmond Olympic Oval (speed-skating venue) and in the Canada Hockey Place. The company’s AcquiSuite data acquisition device is being used to collect energy data from electric meters.

Data is then transferred to Pulse Energy, which turns the energy information into graphic charts that allows a facility manager or building owner to take action. The public can view this information on the Internet in real time at www.VenueEnergyTracker.com.

“Obvius is proud to be taking a part in providing reliable and timely energy information as part of the Vancouver Olympics commitment to hosting the first sustainable Olympic games,” said Obvius CEO Jim Lewis. “This has never been done before and we applaud VANOC’S initiative to protect the environment.”

"A lot of these venues are green buildings that have pretty high expectations for how well they'll be performing," Pulse Energy CEO David Helliwell said.

Founded in 2003, Obvius is a recognized leader of cost-effective hardware solutions for gathering energy information. www.obvius.com or call 1-866-204-8134.

Pulse Energy’s software collects, analyzes, and communicates real-time energy intelligence for building operators and management, enabling savings of 5-25% with improved operating efficiency. www.pulseenergy.com or call 1-778-331-0500