Obvius A8810 AcquiSuite™ Awarded SunSpec Certification

AcquiSuite offers streamlined read and write capability with new plug and play SunSpec ModBus Drivers

Tualatin, OR., July 10, 2017— Obvius announced today that the A8810 AcquiSuite is now SunSpec Certified. Awarded by the SunSpec Alliance, this certification ensures that the A8810 AcquiSuite meets or exceeds Alliance Standards for interoperability with other SunSpec compliant solutions. The SunSpec Alliance is dedicated to pursuing information standards that enable industry-wide system interoperability for solar and storage distributed energy industry participants.

AcquiSuite delivers an open protocol, meter, sensor, and inverter agnostic platform with multiple upload channels to virtually any endpoint. This allows owners to simultaneously send data to multiple destinations, including monitoring platforms, data repositories, and multiple data users. AcquiSuite offers maximum flexibility with the ability to use variable hardware and software monitoring platforms. Owners can integrate with their choice of meters, sensors, and inverters as well as software, dashboards, and accessible data. AcquiSuite also includes free Building Manager Online software, which acts as an unlimited data warehouse for historical record keeping and data assurances.

“Obvius is excited to provide our customers with the most certified models in the data logger industry with its SunSpec Certified A8810 AcquiSuite,” said Troy Hull, director of measurement & verification for Obvius. “Our flexible solutions are designed to work with our customers’ existing infrastructures and future proof their systems to ensure continuity for their valuable data.”

Engineered for simplicity and flexibility, AcquiSuite allows anyone to easily program and configure the system with no specialists required. A new controls interface provides the ability to perform ModBus write commands. Customers can remotely control smart inverters via an easy to use interface or through other solar monitoring platforms. Obvius also provides remote assistance for easy installation, configuration, and troubleshooting.

For more information about the A8810 AcquiSuite, visit www.obvius.com or contact solar@obvius.com.

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