Obvius Releases A90DC Series

Portland, OR – Obvius, a manufacturer of Solar PV monitoring technology, today announced the release of a new cost-leading string monitoring solution. Solar PV system owners now have a tool to maximize their investments by monitoring key system performance parameters, quickly identifying system issues and reducing time on-site.

Obvius’ A90DC series is a twelve string DC current monitor used in smart combiner boxes that detects when panels in a Solar PV system are underperforming. The A90DC series can monitor configurations of 12, 10, 8, 6 or 4 strings using non-contact Hall Effect sensors. The A90DC series also includes a 4-20 mA input for monitoring voltage, ambient temperature or irradiance. The A90DC series provides open communications via Modbus RS-485 and can be easily retrofitted into existing combiner boxes.

Losing the output from a single panel would not be noticeable at the inverter level. Without string monitoring, several months could go by before the issue is even noticed. Although a single string may generate only a small amount of total production, the loss in potential energy can add up to significant amounts over time. “Financials are the largest driver in determining the granularity of monitoring. Given the fact that monitoring makes up such a small percentage of the overall cost of a system, it only makes sense to employ the tools necessary to maximize generation,” said Cole Knappen, vp of sales and marketing for Obvius.

Obvius will be displaying the new A90DC Series string monitor at Solar Power International in Orlando, FL from September 10-13. Visit Obvius at booth #3571 to see the complete line of monitoring solutions.

About Obvius
Obvius, a Leviton company, provides monitoring solutions that are used to meet third party monitoring and reporting requirements when applying for monthly paid, performance-based incentives. Obvius' open technology allows users to collect performance data from inverters, combiner boxes, subcombiners, meters and environmental sensors all on one platform. Site performance data has never been easier to collect or more accessible.